The internet is full of get-rich-quick ads. It seems like every video you watch or web page you scroll through, you are likely to see an ad making outlandish claims that they can show you how to make $10,000 a month in under seven days, or How to make $3000 a day for doing absolutely nothing! I am sure there are people in the world that have had results similar to these but its highly uncommon. I want to share with you several ways on how to earn money online. Everything I post here will be legit ways to earn money online. I will update this post continuously as I find and try different methods. I have fallen victim to a few scams along my journey and want to help YOU avoid as many pitfalls as I can.


The most common way to make a substantial online income is to start your own Online Business or Blog. If you are the creative and crafty type person, you could either create your own e-commerce site or sell your products on Etsy. The idea of making and selling your own product may sound great but do not forget, you need to factor in the cost of inventory and having space to store it. It doesn’t take long for the space inside your home to be taken over by stockpiles of inventory.

I have a house with three small children in it. My un-utilized space is very limited so I decided to start a Blog. A Blog is a website that you create and write quality content regularly to help people answer questions and solve problems. A few examples of Blog ideas:

  • Product reviews
  • Comparisons
  • General how-to information
  • anything that will help someone

You can Blog about anything! When your Blog has regular high quality content, the search engines recognize that your site is valuable, in turn ranking your site higher in search results. When your site gets traffic, people read your content, and can get the answers that they are searching for they will likely recommend your site to others resulting in even more traffic.

Turning your Blog into a website that makes you money is simple. Affiliate Marketing! In the simplest terms, Affiliate Marketing is when you partner with a company to promote their product, when a sale is made from your unique link, then you earn a percentage of the sale or a set dollar amount.

There are over 3 BILLION people online using Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines every day. Searching for millions of products and those numbers just keep growing. This is an outstanding way to earn money online.

Do not be discouraged if the task of building a website seems daunting. I had mine built in under a minute! I am a member of a community that walks you step bu step through the whole process. Click here to check out my full review.


It amazes me how many things I accumulate over time that rarely gets used. If you are looking to make some extra cash online you could always list them on eBay. EBay is like having a yard sale but instead of only people driving by your house having the opportunity to see what you are selling, You have the whole world at your disposal.

There are fees associated with selling your items. After your item is listed and the auction is over, EBay will take a percentage of the selling price. The fees are minimal and your transactions are protected by eBay. You can see previous feedback form buyers past transactions and tends to be a very secure environment.

Another option is Craigslist Although free, it is riddled with scammers. With caution you can still use Craigslist and sell your items. I use this frequently if the item is large and shipping would be outrageous. Another downside is you often have to meet your buyer somewhere or have them come to your home.


Being able to save up to 40% on items that you are intending on purchasing seems like a great deal right? This can be achieved by using Ebates. This is a website that has partnered with over 2500 retailers offering up to a 40% discount if you purchase through their site. Walmart, Amazon, and Kohls are just a few big names that are available.

They also have a $25.00 per referall for each qualified person that you refer. A $10.00 bonus just for signing up! This probably won’t enable you to quit your day job but personally, if I can save money on things I am buying, I look at it as more money in my pocket. Why not save as much as you can. Click here and start saving.


These are networks that you can join that have many affiliate programs in on location. You can view, research, and join the programs that you wish to promote in a one-stop-shop type of manner. I am going to list a few that I use and see value in being a member of.

  • ShareASale offers many Blogger friendly affiliate programs. If you want to earn money online, I suggest you give ShareASale a try. Very user-friendly and their vast marketplace makes this a GREAT choice.
  • Rakuten Marketing has been voted the No.1 Affiliate Marketing network for 7 years running. Rakuten Marketing has thousands of affiliate programs to choose from.
  • ClickBank has many Affiliate programs to choose from offering high commissions. Do your research though! Many of the products here are new and upcoming. Try not to chase the high commission if the demand for the product might be low.


Earning money online can be done in countless ways! These are just a few avenues that I have pursed and had success with. As time goes on I will update this post with new ideas and ways to earn money online as I try them and see results. This is an ongoing journey for me, I strive to do the best that I possibly can and will help you any way that I can.

Feel free to leave any questions or comments below and I will get back with you. Thank you for your time, I hope you enjoyed my thoughts.

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